Warehouse ManagementTotal control on storage facility activities

With the Warehouse Management Solution there are no blanks when it comes to operator activity and storage material movements. With an operation accuracy of over 99+%, due to the automation and elimination of human error afferent to the depot management software, you will always know where and what you can deliver, according to each client’s specific requirements.

Storage facilities have tens of employees, thousands of square meters, millions of pallets and tens of millions of products. Each type of product has specific storage requirements. All these elements combined generate work tasks. Storage facility management becomes a resource management issue. Therefore, operation automation, strict control of each element and profit are indispensable to any logistics company.


Warehouse Management Solution is the modular software platform that automates the processes specific to a storage facility in order to reach full control of the storage processes and activities.

Standard modules

Placement of goods in the storage facility
Internal transfer and movements
Positioning / sorting
Verification / loading
Production and assignment on categories
Activity management
Label design

Additional modules

Complex stock selection algorithms
Report & KPI design
Logistic services invoicing
2D visual map
Terminal monitoring
Visual interfacing module

Each module provides a series of specific entry, exit or advanced functionalities that ensure the traceability of products from entry to delivery.

Real-time data transfer from and to the storage facility personnel by process automation
High degree of flexibility in business process configuration and customization
Up to 50% reduction of time assigned to inventory activities, due to the use of mobile equipment (printers and terminals)
Elimination of human errors and product flow streamlining through the use of RFID and bar code technology
Reduction of time assigned to employee monitoring and control by tracking and recording each scan in the storage facility per user, time, location and type of activity
Specialized reporting, with generation of pre-defined reports, user customized reports or visualization of public reports created by other users
Optimization of the storage process by stock selection algorithms that allow spatial aggregation of stock according to complex criteria
Operation optimization through the specialized task management module, with work permissions for specific users or user groups
Precise, real-time information regarding order status through the management function
Improvement of delivery order execution time subsequent to route streamlining
Error reduction – operation accuracy of over 99%